About Us

Three friends…years passed, and we find ourselves on the other side of an economic shift.  Looking around, we wondered, what can we do for a town, a state, a nation?  Could we promote an ideology? Could we promote an appreciation for the morning, for the sunset, for the mountainlife? Could we encourage an accessible understanding which would encourage a forward motion?  Yes,we believe we could.  This is our movement.  Your movement.

We formed CCD (“Secede”).  We are based in the North Alabama town of Fort Payne.  We are the home of the musical group Alabama, have had the title of Sock Capital of the World, and made a really large cake.  So where do we go from here?  With an investment, perhaps we can change things by aiming for you and your kids…we came up with Mountainlife, Sunstone, and Words of Wisdom.