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How can we reconnect?  Go back to our origins.  Where did we start? Where did we build the strength to become what we are?  We adapted to the world which made us.  Mountainlife wants to encourage a re-connection to nature.  We need to run on trails.  We need to swim the rivers and we need to breathe the air.


Getting in touch with the world around us can be seen as a rite of passage, or perhaps the colors are pretty…either way, this is a cool design!


mountainhippie mockup Violet mountainhippie mockup old gold mountainhippie mockup Kiwi mountainhippie mockup charcoal




Get Lost

Designed by a professional and graciously passed on to us, we present “Get Lost”, I think I see Big Foot in there somewhere!

get lost mock up orange get lost mock up Old Gold get lost mock up Black


Teach your kids to appreciate where we came from so it is still there for the generations to come.

Show the world you understand.  Show the world you can climb your own mountain.

We want you to come visit.

We are home to Little River Canyon… the largest Canyon east of the Grand Canyon. We generate millions (75 million in tourist expenditures last year) in revenue from tourism every year, and we have some of the friendliest biking, hiking and running trails in the southeast!  We want you to run the mountain trails in Desoto State Park.  We want you to visit the Jacksonville State University Canyon Center and Field School and see the Falls at GE Hill Bridge.  We want you to come to our town and find out how nice it can be to hike, pedal, paddle, run, repel, and explore our town, trails, caves, and culture.  We choose to live here…come see why.